NeuroScienceLab begins with an assessment of the problem and then works with attorneys and their clients to set goals for successful outcomes. As a forensic lab, we are careful about the confidentiality and security of the data and information we receive.
The Interdisciplinary team designs a protocol or program to provide a solution the problem or challenge that has been carefully defined.
Key Applications

Family Law Disputes: Helping attorneys prepare clients for negotiated or collaborative dispute resolution surrounding children, as well as fiduciary or monetary disagreements. This assistance can be used with parents in conflict and children under the stress of divorce.

Perception of Evidence : Assisting litigators to understand the power and impact of their evidence. This assessment takes the evaluation of evidence beyond aesthetics to the next level of analysis. This creative approach was used by Dr. Gordon in evaluating the impact of evidence for the Texas Tobacco Trials on behalf of the State of Texas.
Peak Performance: Helping attorneys who are high achievers do their best in their professional assignments such as trying cases in the courtroom and presenting arguments to a judge and panel of arbiters.
Creative Problem Solving: NeuroScienceLab can promote the frame of mind for our most creative thoughts for problem solving when they are needed most.

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