Wilmington Institute Network Board of Advisors

The WIN Board of Advisors is a distinguished group of international scholars and experts in a diverse range of specialties. This multidisciplinary network includes scientists, practitioners, and educators who contribute to making the Wilmington Institute Network a leader in the study and application of creative and innovative scientific strategies to fairly resolve legal issues and enhance the performance of attorneys and ADR specialists. The WIN Board's primary purpose is to contribute to the administration of justice. The following list includes distinguished persons who have contributed to the Institute and its important work since its inception in 1972.

Barbara Abrams, EdD
Laurence Abrams, PhD
Sharon Anderson, EdD
Leo Borrell, MD

Antonio Buch, MD
Fanny Mui-ching Cheung, PhD
Helen Edmondson LCSW
Alan Gordon, PhD

Sheri Holloway, PhD
Michael Lindsey, JD, PhD
Leo McCandlish, PhD
George Mount, PhD

Michael Nash, JD, PhD
Bharat Parikh, MBA
Gregorio Pena, PhD
Jay Powell, MD

Tanya Taylor, PhD
Clemente Vivanco, PhD
James Weiss, MD
Jim Will, PhD


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