NeuroScienceLab™ helps attorneys prepare their clients to resolve conflicts. It is especially useful and adaptable to family law and employment cases.

Brain wave analysis and training assists attorneys and key staff to approach their peak performance under challenging circumstances such as litigation, negotiation, and ADR. Brain mapping and training can also promote the best expression of our creative problem solving abilities. Brain wave training is a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. It is successfully used by outstanding athletes, as well as high performance executives and professionals. For example, it was used by the 2006 World Champion Italian Soccer Team in preparation for the World Cup competition.

Novel approaches in forensic neuroscience include measuring the reaction of how people perceive and understand evidence. No more guess work about how evidence is being processed and whether it has an impact. This is especially useful in complex commercial and intellectual property cases.

Forensic applications involve mapping neuropsychological states that inhibit adults and children to comply with the standards of proper behavior. This is especially relevant when dealing with compliance issues associated with addictions. In conjunction with psychotherapy, this approach can assist in achieving effective remediation.

NeuroScienceLab™ is an interdisciplinary network of competent, credible, and caring professionals. These experts are recognized for their special knowledge, skills, and sensitivity especially in the context of applying psychological techniques and methods to forensic situations.

New and innovative approaches define the frontier of forensic neuroscience applied to law and human behavior. This includes experimental approaches such as the detection of guilty knowledge in association with polygraph examiners.

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